In Central New York, we are blessed with many nearby options for concerts. However, you always hear about how far people are willing to travel for one. Are some of them nuts?

Yes, we have the Aud in Utica. We have The Stanley Theatre there as well. Of course, concerts are held at the NYS Fairgrounds and St. Joes too. Sometimes this area gets the snub. Certain bands might hit Buffalo, or Albany and just scoot right on by Central New York. That's when you're forced to travel if you really want to see a band. Is Buffalo too far though? Albany is only a touch over an hour, that is certainly a better option if given that as an option.

4 hours seems reasonable. If there was a band worth seeing in say, New York City, 4 hours is cool. That's the biggest city in the country, and there are loads of other things to do. Would I make the same drive to Allentown, Pennsylvania? No. Going to Buffalo, if it is the right band isn't all that bad I suppose either.

Working in radio, and at concerts, you encounter a lot of people. I recall some years ago someone and their lady friend made the pilgrimage to see a somewhat small band from Florida to New York. That, that I think is completely nuts. Like there isn't another stop somewhere within 4-5 hours you could see them?

How far is too far for you though? Would you travel for 4 hours? Or do they need to come within an hour's drive of you?

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