Not all old men with money are egotistical asshats. One proved that after someone threw their name around during a tirade at a Fayetteville restaurant.

An older gentleman complained after waiting 4 minutes longer than he thought he should at Gino's Cheese Steak & Onion in Fayetteville. Staff apologized for the inconvenience and offered him a cookie or beer for his extra wait, a post on Gino's Facebook page said.

The apology wasn't good enough. The self-important man responded with:

"I’m ________ (name extracted for privacy’s sake at an attorney’s request), that name means something in this town and in this city. I shouldn’t have to wait past the time I was given, that’s your problem, don’t make it mine. My word means something around here, if you don’t want to be a social pariah, I suggest you get your f’ing $hit together.”

While everyone inside the restaurant watched and listened, an employee had the last word for the self-important man.

"We honestly hope you do speak out. Please tell everyone who thinks it’s ok to talk to people the way you do, we don’t want or need your sort of business. This company survived a worldwide pandemic by smiling and treating people with kindness. We’ll somehow find a way to get over your crappy review too…Bless your heart."

Rude behavior from the pompous man wasn't tolerated and the owners of Gino's aren't scared of his threats. "Just because your name is on a building downtown and you’ve lived with money your whole life doesn’t mean you get to treat people like they’re beneath you," they said. "We’re ready to be a social pariah, bring it on asshat."

The confrontation brought in a lot of kudos from customers, applauding the way staff handled the situation. It also brought in a good Samaritan wanting to spread a little positivity in the restaurant. "A man came into the restaurant and said he needed to rid our dining room of the negative energy that the rude customer spilled everywhere," Gino's posted.

The man paid for 4 separate tabs and bought a cookie for every child in the restaurant. "On the way out he said 'not all old men with money are asshats.' Then he smiled and winked as he turned and left the restaurant like the angel he was. Thank you sir for being kind in a world where it feels like no one else knows how to anymore."

If that's wasn't positive enough. As soon as the man left, the cook cut into a lime with a heart in the middle, proving you can turn something sour into something sweet.

Credit - Gino's via Facebook
Credit - Gino's via Facebook

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