It's a decade-old "argument" between me and my husband. I say it's perfectly acceptable to grill not only in the rain but also in the snow. He says I'm wrong.

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This is the time of year when everyone is talking about firing up the grill, popping the top on a cold one, and grilling meat to flavorful perfection to place on a platter before family and friends with as much price as a cat showing off their kill to their owner.

But what about the months of the year not baked by the heat of the sun? Are they to be grill-less? If you're in my camp, you'll say absolutely not. Also, if you live in the sticks and tend to face power outages often in the colder months, then like me, you've probably grilled dinner outside on the grill in the middle of a blizzard.

OnePoll conducted a survey of Americans at the request of Kansas City Steak Company and found that 56 percent of people are on team Traci and use their grill all year long. The rest are wrong. Okay, the survey didn't really say that but a good number of people are big into using their grill in all sorts of weather.

39 percent of Americans have grilled even in the pouring rain while 48 percent of Americans have bundled up in layers to grill in the snow.

Another thing Americans can agree on is that the grill is great for foods other than just hamburgers and hotdogs (can someone please give the memo to my husband?). As a matter of fact, 81 percent of people who live in the Northeast say they're into grilling tons of things that many probably wouldn't consider including things like jalapenos (by the way, bacon-wrapped jalapenos are so good they might make you cry), cow tongue, watermelon slices, and even doughnuts.

However, even among all of the choices there are to grill, chicken still tops the list of what people are looking forward to the most to throw on their grill this summer. 53 percent of people say cooking chicken on the grill is their favorite.

Maybe people love grilling so much because they're using the Cornell Chicken sauce recipe that Southern Tier residents have come to love over the last 70 summers?

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