This weekend is the unofficial start to summer and grilling season. If you enjoy your sausage with an ice cold beer, there's a company that has cut out the middle man and infused them together. There is a sausage company called Aidells that has put a new flavor twist on grilling. According to, the sausage makers have taken their fully cooked chicken sausage links and injected them with real Blue Moon Belgian style wheat ale. The chicken sausage pairs nicely with coriander and sweet orange. Blue Moon is brewed with the Valencia orange peel.

Aidells website photo
Aidells website photo

The great news is you can buy these delicious sausages in any local grocery store in the refrigerated section. They will run you about $5.49 for a four pack (although I saw them cheaper at Walmart). They are also good for you. They are made with antibiotic-free chicken, no added hormones or nitrates.

These sound amazing and since you are firing up the grill this holiday weekend, you might as well pick some up and try them.

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