Voters across New York State will be heading to the polls on Tuesday, November 2.

While there are no state or federal races on the ballot this year, there are a number of local races taking place.

Here's a look at the races in Oneida County and the cities of Utica and Rome:

State Supreme Court Justice 5th Judicial District

Democratic: Anthony BrindisiRepublican: Danielle Fogel
County Family Court JudgeDemocratic: Karen J. StanislausWorking Families: Karen J. Stanislaus

Republican: Jason D. Flemma

Conservative: Jason D. Flemma

County Legislator-District 1Republican + Conservative:Keith H Schiebel Democratic: Troy Peters
County Legislator-District 2Republican: Colin E Idzi
County Legislator-District 3Republican + Conservative: Norman Leach
County Legislator-District 4Republican + Conservative: Cynthia L Rogers-Witt
County Legislator-District 5Republican + Conservative: Michael B Waterman
County Legislator-District 6Republican + Conservative:Steven R Boucher
County Legislator-District 7Republican + Conservative:Gerald J Fiorini
County Legislator-District 8Republican + Conservative:Richard Flisnik
County Legislator-District 9Republican: David A BuckDemocratic + Conservative: Michelle C Klosek
County Legislator-District 10Republican + Conservative:George Joseph
County Legislator-District 11Republican + Conservative:Robert A Koenig
County Legislator-District 12Republican + Conservative: Brenda K McMonagleDemocratic: Michael D Brown


County Legislator-District 13Republican + Conservative: Christopher Newton
County Legislator-District 14Democratic + Conservative:D Chad Davis
County Legislator-District 15Democratic + Working Families: Caroline RealeRepublican + Conservative:Heather Mowat
County Legislator-District 16Republican + Conservative:Mary Austin Pratt
County Legislator-District 17Republican + Conservative:Stephen DiMaggioDemocratic: Matthew R Pilatzke
County Legislator-District 18Republican:Jeffery E Daniels JrDemocratic + Utica First + Working Families: Joseph M Furgol
County Legislator-District 19Democratic + Conservative: Timothy J Julian
County Legislator-District 20Democratic + Working Families: Evon M Ervin
County Legislator-District 21Republican + Conservative: Tony MyersDemocratic: Lori A Washburn
County Legislator-District 22Democratic: Maria Pezzolanella McNiel
County Legislator-District 23Democratic + Working Families:Anthony C Leone JrRepublican + Conservative:Regina Pieloch Venettozzi
Rome-Councilor-Ward 1Working Families: Gregory B LangRepublican + Conservative:John M Sparace
Rome-Councilor-Ward 2Republican: John B Mortise
Rome-Councilor-Ward 3Republican + Conservative:Kimberly A Rogers
Rome-Councilor-Ward 4Democratic: Ramona L Smith
Rome-Councilor-Ward 5Republican + Conservative:Frank R Anderson
Rome-Councilor-Ward 6Republican:Riccardo D Dursi Jr
Rome-Councilor-Ward 7Republican:Andrew Robert Tracy
Utica-City ComptrollerDemocratic + Utica First:William C Morehouse
Utica-City Councilperson-Ward 1Republican:Paul R DepietroDemocratic:Katie Aiello


Utica-City Councilperson-Ward 2

West Wave: Amy JenningsDemocratic + Utica First:Robert H Burmaster II
Utica-City Councilperson-Ward 3Republican + Conservative:Richard A Tomaino JrDemocratic + Working Families:Celeste M Friend
Utica-City Councilperson-Ward 4Democratic + Utica First: Frank A MeolaConservative:John N Mirante
Utica-City Councilperson-Ward 5Democratic + Working Families: Delvin J MoodyRepublican: Vincent S Donnelly
Utica-City Councilperson-Ward 6Republican + Conservative: Joseph N Betrus Jr
Utica-Council At LargeDemocratic + Conservative + Utica First: Frank A DiBrango JrDemocratic + Utica First: Jack V Lomedico

Republican + Conservative:

Mark R Williamson

Samantha Colosimo-Testa

Democratic + Working Families:

Sparkle D Anthony

Polls will be open from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

The find out where to vote, go to the Oneida County Board of Elections website or call (315) 798-5765.

There are also five statewide propositions on the ballot this year.

The League of Women Voters has a special site, VOTE411.ORG, that explains each proposition and offers the pros and cons of each without taking sides.

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