Remember Ralphie, the adorable French bulldog labeled a "demon" by the Niagara SPCA? Poor Ralphie went viral earlier this year for the wrong reasons... he's been returned to the shelter time and time again for poor behavior.


Back in January, the Niagara SPCA went viral with their playful-but-honest description of the difficult doggy. The original adoption post labeled him a "fire-breathing demon" and a "whole jerk, not even half." It also said it would take the "Mother of Dragons" to discipline him.

Apparently feeling she was up for the challenge, a woman attempted to adopt Ralphie in early February, but soon realized she was in over her head. Ralphie was returned yet again, whereupon the Niagara SPCA said they would crowdsource funds for intensive K9 training.

So how's that K9 training going for Ralphie?


Ralphie's training is being carried out by YourEveryDayK9 of Western New York. And back on March 2nd, the Niagara SPCA posted an update on how it's going.

Apparently Ralphie is learning some "impulse control" around some of his trigger objects such as vacuums and brooms. He's also getting some important agility training to help with his overabundance of energy.

Check out the Niagara SPCA's post below:

Additional updates can be found at YourEveryDayK9's Facebook page, where they say Ralphie's been socializing with other dogs and going on field trips.

Maybe you *can* teach an old demon new tricks. We wish Ralphie nothing but the best with his ongoing education!

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