After a rough start in life, a puppy in Western New York is getting a second chance with the help of the Niagara County SPCA.

6-month-old Hemi was rescued from a home in Niagara County on Sunday after an anonymous caller reported two dogs in a backyard that seemed to be in rough condition. According to the Niagara County SPCA, an officer responded to the call and noticed that one dog couldn't put pressure on one of its legs. The other dog, now named Hemi, was emaciated and dehydrated, and could hardly walk when the officer found him.

The officer rescued the dogs from their horrendous conditions and even had to carry Hemi away because the puppy's back leg was so swollen and bruised. Hemi was rushed to an emergency vet in Tonawanda and is now recovering at the Niagara County SPCA.

The SPCA quickly shared Hemi's story on its Facebook page, encouraging its supporters to donate to a GoFundMe page in Hemi's name, so he can receive the care he needs to recover and find a forever home full of love.

So far, the SPCA has raised more than $5,500 for Hemi's recovery. If you'd like to contribute to Hemi's GoFundMe, you can donate here.

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