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Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Alec Baldwin represents this SUNY school in the soon to be released film Chick Fight. As you can see in the below photo, Baldwin is wearing a SUNY Cortland t-shirt.

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Red Dragon alumni are sure to be excited seeing their school appear in this film. Chick Fight is an action comedy about an underground all female fight club with connections you may never see coming. The film stars Baldwin along with Bella Thorne and Malin Akerman and more.

Below is the trailer for the film and the poster. Chick Fight is scheduled to be released on demand and in theaters November 13th.




From both the trailer and digitial poster, it's still unclear as what to the SUNY Cortland connection will be in the film. Alec Baldwin does have ties to Upstate New York. His mother Carol Baldwin is a resident in the Syracuse area. Plus his brother Daniel Baldwin used to be a former radio host for ESPN Syracuse just a few years ago .

After now learning that SUNY Cortland gets some air time in Chick Fight, will you now be interested in seeing the film? Plus what other SUNY schools have been in films before that we may have missed? You can share your opinions and more just by downloading the FREE 104.5 The Team app below and leaving us a message there.

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