This Tuesday night is the start of the 2019 World Series as the Houston Astros take on the Washington Nationals. Below is the schedule.

World Series Game 1: WSH HOU, Tues., Oct. 22nd, 8:08 p.m first pitch

World Series Game 2: WSH HOU, Wed., Oct. 23rd, 8:07 p.m first pitch

World Series Game 3: HOU  WSH, Fri., Oct. 25th, 8:07 p.m first pitch

World Series Game 4: HOU  WSH, Sat., Oct. 26th, 8:07 p.m first pitch

World Series Game 5 (if necessary): HOU WSH, Sun., Oct.27th, 8:07 p.m first pitch

World Series Game 6 (if necessary): WSH HOU, Tues., Oct. 29th, 8:07 p.m first pitch

World Series Game 7 (if necessary): WSH HOU, Wed., Oct. 30th, 8:08 p.m first pitch

Below are the prop bets provided by Jimmy Shaprio at

Washington Nationals at Houston Astros

Washington Nationals                +190     (19/10)

Houston Astros                         -220     (5/11)

Exact Outcome

Washington Nationals in 4                      20/1

Washington Nationals in 5                      9/1

Washington Nationals in 6                      8/1

Washington Nationals in 7                      7/1

Houston Astros in 4                               7/1

Houston Astros in 5                               5/1

Houston Astros in 6                              7/2

Houston Astros in 7                              4/1


Will either team sweep the series?

Yes      +600     (6/1)

No        -800     (1/8)

What Game Will Series End?

Game 4                        7/1

Game 5                        3/1

Game 6                        2/1

Game 7                        11/5

What team do you believe will win this year's World Series? How long will the series go? What are your favorite bets? Let us know below.

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