Looking for a classic car to drive around the back roads of Central New York? These certainly could be some viable and fun options for you.

Owning a classic car can certainly be a whole lot of work. You have to maintain them quite a bit more than the cars of today. Today's cars warn you and throw lights on the dash when tiny little things are happening. Older cars require much more tender love and care.

Even with all of that, people dream of owning a classic car. The smell of the fuel, the power of rubber ripping up the blacktop. Those are just a few things from yesteryear that cars from the 2020 era don't seem to provide. As far as the fuel goes, with the pollution that is certainly for the best.

One thing that also goes along with a classic car is price. The car market is seeing record pricing right now on anything with four wheels and a motor. That would apply if you are buying a showroom quality, numbers matching beast of an automobile. But what if you stepped back just a little on price?

Do you actually need a perfect car, or would you just be happy with something that runs and drives? One that looks nice that has only a few little issues? In other words, a driver. Not a car that will sit in your garage to be seldom driven. If that is the car you are in search of, check out these five affordable and classic cars for sale now in Central New York

5 Classic Cars Worth Buying In CNY

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