Last Sunday, the highly anticipated video-game-turned-TV-series The Last of Us premiered on HBO. If you watched it, did you happen to catch the subtle nod to Central New York? One of the two main protagonists, Joel Miller, scans a map with his finger over the state. (See feature image)

Nothing too noteworthy, in and of itself. But that got me thinking: If a zombie apocalypse were to happen, would you be safer in New York City, or here in Upstate New York?


The Last of Us is a new twist on the zombie genre, based on the critically acclaimed PlayStation game of the same name. In a post-apocalyptic world, a mysterious fungus blights the human population, turning the infected into cannibalistic mutants. Ellie is a young girl who's seemingly immune to the blight, and it's up to Joel to keep her alive so a cure might be produced from her DNA.

So where in New York state would be safest?


I think the answer is obvious, isn't it? You'd be WAY safer in Upstate New York! Remember the early days of COVID? New York City was a nightmare. Higher concentrations of people mean zombies would replicate WAY faster, and in larger numbers. And I'm sure Andrew Cuomo would pop up again for some reason, God, it would be terrible! You wouldn't want to be anywhere NEAR New York City!

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That's not to say the zombie threat would be nonexistent in Upstate New York, but you'd have more of a fighting chance. More distance between towns in rural areas, more rednecks toting guns. Bigger supermarkets like Wegman's to pillage for supplies, New York City just has those tiny corner markets that would be emptied in a heartbeat.

So if a zombie apocalypse does happen, I'll be staying put, thank you very much.

Where would YOU hide out here in Upstate New York during a zombie apocalypse? Let us know!

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