This New York law may seem like something out of a Monty Python sketch, but it's apparently very real. By the same token, the likelihood of someone breaking it seems close to zero.

Food and drink website The Daily Meal recently took a look at the weirdest food laws in every state. For example, in Louisiana, you're only allowed to eat three sandwiches at a wake. In Rhode Island, it's illegal to throw pickle juice on someone while riding a trolley. So what can't you do with your food here in New York?


Apparently it's illegal in New York to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket. Here's what The Daily Meal said about it:

This seems like a bizarre rule, but some suggest there is a link to what is known as Blue Laws. Blue Laws date back to 1755 and are laws designed to curtail certain behaviors on Sundays because they are incongruent with religious requirements. Some activities covered under these laws included work, travel, the sale of goods, and the consumption of alcohol.

I'll admit, I must've missed that part in the Bible where Jesus told his disciples to keep the mint chip out of their trousers.


Wouldn't you love to grab a time machine back to the initial incident that sparked the need for such a law? Sounds like a real sticky situation.

And just to be clear, carrying an ice cream cone in your front pocket is perfectly legal. They haven't taken that one away from us yet.

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