Owning a Lamborghini is something that many people lust after for their entire life. Now you actually could be turning that dream into a reality.

Right in Utica is a white 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo up for sale. It actually seems to be priced incredibly fairly as well. The seller on Facebook Marketplace is asking for a measly $90,000 for this impressive Italian supercar. The current NADA value seems to be somewhere around $100,000 to $121,000. Mind you, this car 12 years ago when released was the sexy mistress of the Lamborghini family as the Murcielago was the only other car they offered, and by 2009 that was quite dated.

Credit Alan Brutsky via Facebook Marketplace
Credit Alan Brutsky via Facebook Marketplace

The car looks to be in amazing shape which is why that price seems so justified. On top of that, it seems some work has been done on it. He lists that the clutch was recently done and that it has a Superleggera Spoiler on the rear of the Gallardo and a $10,000 exhaust. That exhaust should sound beautiful as all get out on this beast of a vehicle.

The only thing I believe could make this a little more desirable would be if it were indeed were a Spyder. Which just means that it would be a convertible. In all fairness, if I had the cash to buy this, I would care less that it isn't a convertible. I think they look better the way this one is.

Find more and contact him by visiting this link to Facebook Marketplace.

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