Do you have a partner that snores?

My wife claims that I snore way more than I should but I tell her I'm just dreaming that I'm a Harley.

I have been hearing from numerous people lately about someone in their family snoring and how annoying it can be.

Now, there is a cure.  I mean, in a dog shock collar kind of way.

The Somnibel is now available to purchase for anyone wanting to get a better night sleep while living with a snorer.

It's a small, electric gadget that the person that snores wears on their forehead and when they snore, it sends a shock to their body.

OK, it's not really a shock, it's more of a buzzer sound but you get the idea.  It will continue to buzz until the snorer moves into a different position.  This is done because most people that snore, only do so on their backs, according to the website.

I mean, I'd be willing to give it a try but I'm kind of thinking that it has to be a little annoying for the other person too, hearing that buzzing sound.  Don't you think?


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