Will your Thanksgiving dinner resemble a Hallmark movie, will it be a lively and contentious discussion of politics, or maybe it revolves around the NFL and the NHL standings and where our favorite team stands?

According to a new survey, the conversation topic that's the most likely to lead to a FAMILY FIGHT during Thanksgiving is . . . long-standing family tensions.  46% of people say they believe it will lead to an argument.

Here's a list of topics that are likely to cause Thanksgiving fights . . .

1.  Long-standing family tensions, 46%.

2.  General politics, 37%.

3.  The 2020 presidential race, 33%.

4.  Someone's future plans, 24%.

5.  Money, 24%.

6.  The behavior of the guests, 22%.

7.  Drinking or alcohol, 21%.

8.  The cooking, 18%.

Of course, let's not forget the issue of where your family is having Thanksgiving dinner?

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