Every year, my fiancé's friends and I rent an AirBnB for the weekend, just to chill and hang out. Usually it's in the Adirondacks, but this year we opted for the Catskills, and we thought Woodstock would be a cool area to check out.


We rented a beautiful 3-bedroom house, close to town but secluded in nearby woods. No complaints about the house. It had a hot tub, and the owners even left their weed out. Well, maybe not "out." But we did find some in a cabinet.

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Anyway, the drive to town took 5 minutes, so we set aside Saturday to scope out the main drag, Tinker Street. Lots of shops and eateries, all of which were...


We visited one trendy bar in town for pre-dinner cocktails, and I couldn't believe what they were charging-- most of their specialty cocktails were north of $20 each!! I opted for an Old Fashioned, the least expensive option at $15... $18 after tax and tip.

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Google Maps

Other places in town were no better. Two bagel sandwiches and two coffees: $45 after tax and tip. A large cheese pizza: $28 after tax and tip. I bought some specialty anchovies for some reason because they sounded good in the moment... $9! For tiny salty fish! (Okay, maybe that one's on me.)

Woodstock Celebrates 40th Anniversary Of Historic Countercultural Concert
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Maybe it shouldn't have surprised me as much as it did, but let's be real: Woodstock is cashing in on its past. It's transformed into a getaway spot for rich Manhattanites seeking an escape from city chaos, all under the guise of "rustic Upstate charm." Meanwhile, my group, having come DOWN from even further Upstate, we were like... Christ, man. Should've just stuck to the Adirondacks.

Don't get me wrong, overall, we had a very good time that weekend. But I enjoyed it most when we were sitting around the house not spending money. And needless to say, my February budget? Completely shot.

Peace, love and rock and roll indeed.

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