An Edmeston woman makes hundreds of hats for cancer patients at St Jude Children's Research Hospital to help keep them warm.

Sandy Truax has made it her mission to keep the world warm one hand-knitted hat at a time. She has been making hundreds of hats for those who need them most, including the kids at St Jude. "I can't do anything about anyone's cancer, but I can give them a handmade hat that may make them smile, even if only for a moment," said Truax.

Hundreds of homemade hats have already been knitted and sent to the hospital in Memphis, Tennessee and Truax doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. "When I decided to take on this project I asked how many patients were at St. Jude when it was at capacity. I was told 8,500 patients go through the doors of St. Jude every year."

That's a lot of hats since it takes Truax about an hour to make each one with yarn she says will stand up to heavy duty washers & dryers. Many people have helped Traux with her mission, even complete strangers. "I got a call from a lady I don't know who got my name and number after asking about anyone doing charity knitting or crocheting," Traux said. "She asked if there is an amount of yarn that would be too much for me. I told her about my hats for St. Jude and she sent a bunch."

It's not just the kids at St Jude that are staying warm. Truax donates to several local organizations too. "My hats have gone to the Rescue Mission in Utica, local churches, rotary clubs, schools and now I'm working another 50 hats that will go to a program that helps folks who are homeless."

Even though Truax says she's never been to St Jude Children's Research Hospital, the stories from families that have been there, touch her heart. "Listening to Big Frog 104 and the stories of St. Jude patients has been my inspiration."

You can help the kids at St Jude by becoming a Partner in Hope with Drain Master. Just 800-995-5257 or donate online at St Jude.

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