If you don't have a Venmo, you should definitely download it and make an account. Free money is at stake.

Chipotle, the popular Mexican chain, is expanding its rewards program nationwide and has a plan to make sure you know about it. For the rest of the week, the company is giving out FREE MONEY on Venmo. THAT'S RIGHT! FREE MONEY! Altogether, the chain is prepared to give away $250,000.

About 25,000 people per day can win between $1 and $500 from Chipotle for signing up for the company’s rewards program. The promotion runs today through through Friday, March 15.  They'll ask for your Venmo username and winners will receive a payment through their Venmo accounts, with a link to the rewards program and a custom pepper emoji in the “What’s it for?” field.

The Venmo promotion to introduce the program offers some social rewards to Chipotle, which hopes people will see their friends receive payments from Chipotle, wonder what’s going on, click through and learn about the new program.

You bet I signed up for that loyalty program - I would love free money, or even a free chicken bowl!


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