Foreigner will perform at the New York State Fair in Syracuse on Monday August 23rd at 8 p.m. This is the latest in a growing list of artists scheduled to perform on the Chevy Park stage at the "Reimagined New York State Fair” between August 20th and September 6th.

Today Foreigner is partially comprised of guitarist Mick Jones, singer Kelly Hansen and Jeff Pilson (formerly of Dokken) on bass. The bands original singer Lou Gramm is a New York native living in the Rochester area. Gramm has performed select shows with the band in recent years but is not listed to perform at this years fair.

Attendance to the fair is still listed as limited due to the pandemic. but with the easing of mask mandates and the increased number of vaccinated New Yorkers, these restrictions could be altered. For now your $3 fair ticket will get you into the concerts. Concert-area tickets will be free of charge and available until the attendance limit is reached.

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According to, more than 50 national touring shows will be presented, making this the largest free music festival at any state fair in America. Here is the current schedule of Rock shows, with more to be added:

Ronnie James Dio

In honor of Ronnie James Dio and his incredible career, which started in Cortland, New York.

A Collection of Concert Ticket Stubs

Sometimes the best souvenir from a concert is the ticket stub. Seeing the band name, date and venue can take you there in an instant.

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