If the last time you went to the grocery store it felt like not only were there fewer items on the shelves but that the cost of things was more than what you usually pay, it was definitely not your imagination. I noticed the same thing.

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Grocery stores are feeling the hurt from shortages and consumers are feeling the hurt from product price increases and there's a whole new group of items that are getting harder to simply swing into the grocery store and buy.

The Wall Street Journal says that keeping items stocked on shelves is becoming harder and harder for stores which is why we're seeing gaping spaces and it's not necessarily because people are hoarding again.

According to IRI, a market research firm, the reason for the shortage of items at the grocery store is because one of the outcomes of the pandemic is that people are staying home and eating meals there instead of going out as much as they did before the pandemic.

Experts say that they don't think we'll see another mass stock up as we saw in the early days of the pandemic, so at least there's that bit of light in the blackness that is empty shelves but if you're looking for a particular type of Lunchables, you might be in for a disappointment until production can meet the demand.

How awesome for us though that in any given grocery store there are at least 100 different things we can still select to eat when there are countries with grocery stores that are literally empty and people who are literally starving. Puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

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