Donuts are so delicious, they earned their very own day. National Donut Day is June 7th this year - and there are free donuts to be had!

National Donut Day was established to celebrate the most versatile snack on the planet: the donut. It's a dessert, it's breakfast, it's a late night snack, and it comes in an infinite variety of flavors and varieties.

So what are American's favorite donuts?

  • Glazed – 36%
  • Boston cream – 23%
  • Jelly-filled – 15%
  • Sprinkles – 10%
  • Powdered – 9%
  • Twist – 8%

Dunkin' Donuts is offering a FREE classic donut with the purchase of a beverage at any of their Dunkin' locations.

Some classic donut favorites at Dunkin' are:

- Glazed
- Strawberry Frosted with Rainbow Sprinkles
- Chocolate Frosted with Rainbow Sprinkles
- Vanilla Frosted with Rainbow Sprinkles
- Glazed Chocolate Cake
- Boston Kreme
- Jelly
- Old Fashioned

Krispy Kreme is offering a free donut to anyone who shows up on National Donut Day - no purchase necessary.


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