If you've lived in Upstate New York for any significant amount of time, you know it's almost considered a right of passage to hit a deer with your car. It's going to happen. If not today, then tomorrow. A quick study of the carnage along any New York roadway will prove this.

So. Much. Death.


I've hit and killed five deer over the course of my driving career. I'm kinda over it. It's not even fun anymore. I almost hit a sixth one the other day, which got me thinking... are the statistics disproportionately bad in New York state? Or is it just my unlucky ass?



According to an article from carinsurance.com, New York state ranks #32 out of 50 states for deer collision, with 1 in 124 odds of it happening. That supposedly means the likelihood is less than average... but I don't know if I buy it.

West Virginia leads the U.S. in deer collisions, with 1 in 37 odds. So I guess you can add that to the long, looooonnnng list of reasons you wouldn't want to move there.

And just in case you're wondering what type of coverage you'll need to fix your deer damage, it's comprehensive, not collision.

In the meantime, I'm strongly considering selling my car and traveling to places via hot air balloon.

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Here's how the rest of the states add up:

State2021-2022 State Ranking2021-2022 Odds Of Collision with Animals
West Virginia11 in 37
Montana21 in 39
South Dakota31 in 48
Michigan41 in 54
Pennsylvania51 in 54
Wisconsin61 in 56
Mississippi71 in 57
Wyoming81 in 58
Minnesota91 in 58
Iowa101 in 59
North Dakota111 in 62
Arkansas121 in 70
South Carolina131 in 71
Missouri141 in 74
Virginia151 in 75
Maine161 in 75
North Carolina171 in 77
Georgia181 in 83
Kansas191 in 87
Kentucky201 in 88
Alabama211 in 88
Ohio221 in 95
Nebraska231 in 95
Indiana241 in 100
Oklahoma251 in 101
Idaho261 in 103
Delaware271 in 105
Tennessee281 in 108
Maryland291 in 110
Vermont301 in 113
Massachusetts311 in 116
New York321 in 124
Rhode Island331 in 127
Texas341 in 136
New Hampshire351 in 137
Illinois361 in 137
Oregon371 in 144
Louisiana381 in 149
Utah391 in 166
New Jersey401 in 173
Colorado411 in 179
New Mexico421 in 182
Connecticut431 in 199
Washington441 in 200
California451 in 260
Alaska461 in 292
Arizona471 in 301
Florida481 in 306
Nevada491 in 430
Hawaii501 in 474
District of Columbia511 in 569

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