We've got questions about what's going on at the Burlington store in Utica? It looks really empty inside.

We got a few questions - along with pictures - asking about what's happening at the Burlington store in North Utica, especially since the store seems so empty.

Credit: Megan Nicholl
Credit: Megan Nicholl

Of course, like most retail outlets, Burlington had been closed for months during New York's coronavirus shutdown, so now that it's reopen, loyal customers are running to get some shopping done. In fact, we've heard the sales we're pretty great the past few weeks.

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Does that explain why racks now appear completely empty in the store? Depends on who you ask.

We sent a note to Burlington, here's what they told us:

"We thank our customers for making our re-opening so successful. During these unprecedented times, we are working to get new product into our stores as quickly as possible, and we encourage customers to check back for new bargains arriving soon."

So, it looks like the store is not closing - instead, they've been clearing out old items and making room for new merchandise - and that merchandise is a bit delayed.

"I was in Burlington yesterday afternoon and I asked the cashier why the store barely had anything. I asked if they were closing. She told me that their shipments have been very slow to come in, but they aren’t closing. They had actually just gotten a shipment in to add to their inventory, but with all the racks so bare, they could barely even see a difference with the clothes they added to the racks," one listener wrote in to tell us.

Whew. That's good news.

Retail has been hit hard over the past several months, with bankruptcies and store closures happening, even before the COVID-19 crisis. Most recently, JC Penney has announced plans to close hundreds of stores - including those in New Hartford, Rome, and Syracuse - in an effort to stay afloat.

Malls are still fighting to get permission to open in Central New York and the Mohawk Valley - with only a handful of stores at Destiny and Sangertown able to offer curbside delivery. In fact, some have speculated the coronavirus could hasten the demise of the shopping mall.

Do you have any inside scoop on Burlington? What have you heard is happening? Let us know beth@lite987.com


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