Seth Partnow is a NBA analyst who has been locked into everything going on with the NBA and the bubble. With more players deciding to sit out, it is imperative that these players take the rules seriously. So what repercussions could they face? We ask Seth that and more above. Make sure to listen!


RODGER'S QUICK TAKE: 10 year contracts never hold up, but 24 year old Patrick Mahomes has earned the right to make $450M. Not only are the Kansas City Chiefs making Mahomes the highest paid player in the history of the NFL, they are locking him up through 2031. I hope he can win at least  3 more Super Bowls for Kansas City to make it worthwhile. As long as the Chiefs put the right talent around him, there is no reason why not. Mahomes is the best player in the NFL, and barring injuries, he will continue to produce at the highest level.

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