A black bear was spotted earlier this week in Herkimer, we have video of a huge bear at a home in Remsen, and there's a Bear Advisory in effect for some Adirondack campgrounds due to a mother bear and her two cubs.

Wild animals are our neighbors, and most will not bother us, but this big bear looks pretty comfortable at a house in Remsen. What do you think?

The Herkimer County Police Department responded to a report of a black bear on Tuesday, August 4, in the area of Lansing Street. Officers tracked the black bear to a yard on Gray Street. The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation gave the bear an opportunity to return to where it came from. The bear left the Gray Street area on Wednesday, August 5, and was last seen crossing State Route 28 into the woods.

Herkimer Police also responded to a report of a black bear that was located and followed into Brookwood Park in the Village of Herkimer on Saturday, June 13.

Here are some tips provided by the DEC to deter human and bear interactions that are dangerous for all involved. Bears learn from experience, and if an activity results in food, they'll repeat that action. If an encounter with a human is contrary, they'll avoid them, but if bears learn to obtain food from humans, they can become bold and aggressive. Remember feeding black bears is prohibited in New York.

If You Encounter a Bear

    • Use noise to scare bears away: Yell, clap, or bang pots immediately upon sighting a bear.
    • Stay calm: Walk slowly and speak in a loud and calm voice.
    • Leave slowly: Cautiously back away from the bear and leave the area.
    • If a bear approaches you: Raise your arms and speak in a loud, calm voice while backing away.
    • If a bear charges you: Stand your ground. If you have bear spray dispense directly at the bear.
    • If a bear follows you: Stand your ground. Intimidate by making yourself look bigger by waving arms, clapping, shouting, or banging sticks.
    • If a bear makes contact with you: Fight back with anything at hand (knife, stick, rocks, or fists).
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