Attention Walmart customers. Say goodbye to brown bags.

First, it was plastic. Now it's paper. Walmart will be removing all bags from New York stores.

Plastic bags are long gone in New York after legislation was signed in 2019 banning single-use plastic bags in the state. Now paper bags will soon follow suit, at least at Walmart stores.

Walmart Goes Bagless

Many stores have been charging a small fee for the use of paper bags after the plastic bag ban went into effect. Or you could use recyclable ones.

All Walmart stores in New York will soon be bagless. Paper bags will no longer be available for purchase as of September 15. You'll have to take those reusable ones or buy more when you get to the checkout.

Reusable Bags Only

Several Walmart locations have been spreading the word on social media. "As an important way to reduce and encourage reusable options, paper bags will no longer be available beginning September 15th," the East Syracuse store shared on Facebook.

Already Bagless

You may not find any paper bags at a number of Walmart locations already. Stores stopped buying them and when they ran out, they ran out, some before the September 15 timeline.

Remember Your Bags

If you're a Walmart shopper you'd better start remembering to not only bring your reusable bags from home but actually take them out of the car when you shop. Otherwise, you'll be forced to buy more. That, or take everything out to the vehicle in a cart and carry it into the house one item at a time.

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