Talk about a mass exit. The entire staff at a New York Walmart hair salon cut the crap, walking out and quitting at the same time.

All of the hair stylists at Walmart’s Smart Style in Allegany, New York walked out on Monday, September 13. A sign on the salon's door read: 'WE OUT' followed by the locations all stylists were moving to and a message to their customers - "We love our people."

Credit - Dana Roth
Credit - Dana Roth

"We made the decision to leave due to the inactions and carelessness of certain higher-ups," said Dana Roth, one of the stylists. "It had nothing to do with vaccines or mandates."

The decision to leave wasn't a rash one and she has no regrets about finally, walking out. "Honestly, as soon as we did it it was like a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders because it was a long time coming."

This isn't the first time employees have made a mass exit. Workers at the McDonald’s in Bradford, New York walked out on the job last week.

Healthcare Providers Quit

In Upstate, New York 30 people have resigned from the Lewis County Health System. But it's not over problems with management but problems with the vaccine mandate. The lack of staff has put the maternity department and all the services at the hospital on pause starting September 24.

“Lewis County has the highest seven-day and 14-day positivity rates in the state of New York,” health system Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sean Harney said.

On Tuesday, Judge David Hurd in Utica blocked the vaccine mandate in New York state after 17 healthcare professionals claimed their constitutional rights were being violated. State officials have until September 22 to respond to the lawsuit.

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