Another business seems to be at odds with the city of Rome's leaders over operating procedures. Wagner Farms blames politics and financing for forcing them to cancel nearly all their night time events for the year.

The farm/events center shared a lengthy letter on their Facebook page cancelling all night time activities; including bands and haunted events.

Our ability to adapt and change out grew the City of Rome’s ability to do the same per Agricultural zoning ordinances and because of such we have no choice but to cancel the bands.

The farm says the bands provided more than enjoyment for visitors, the live music at night helped with wildlife control keeping deer and coyotes out of their crops. For now, the Halloween haunted weekends remain on Wagner Farms' schedule but not the free trick or treat event. Daytime events like, wagon rides, mazes, and the sunflower fields will continue.

Finances also played a role in the decision to cancel night time events.  The Wagner's had hoped to establish food services during events to help offset the costs of bands and additional staff, but a bank "decided that it was not to their interest to support it." A lack of sales for VIP passes is also blamed for leaving the farm without the funds to fight city hall so to speak.

Zoning laws are the issue, as they prohibit live music or bands in agricultural zones. Even though Wagner Farms have been hosting night time events for the past two years.

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