At the very beginning of the shut down of schools and businesses, Wagner Farms did what they do best: jumped in and helped give back to Central New Yorker's

Wagner Farms reached out to the superintendent of VVS Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Central schools and offered approximately 1100 single serve Microwave ready and safe, locally grown and produced, popcorn. Wagner Farms engineered the popcorn to be safe and easy to use in the microwave with no need of oils, flame retardants or any other non-natural items. Currently they are offering the microwave popcorn for retail to the public along with other popcorn products.

So how much have they donated so far?


We have donated 3260 single servings to VVS so far and plan to fulfill our promise for the next 2 weeks, beyond that hopefully the public purchases enough to help us offset the direct costs to continue as needed through the rest of the spring. We should be able to donate 5500 bags of microwave single serve popcorn to VVS which is a huge investment into the local area, a way to give back, a showing of good faith by local Agriculture and while doing so hopefully the students will learn about local Ag and products, maybe even a little science to go with the actual popping of the corn.

Wagner Farms estimates the donated weight is 1500lbs of wholesome enjoyment.

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