Can you believe some video games are turning 40 years old this year? That means they're old enough to have an opinion on driveway sealant.

Two score and four years ago, a multitude of game developers brought forth on this continent several exciting new titles, conceived through innovation and imagination, and dedicated to the principal that entertainment could transcend the ordinary.


Much of the action went down at the arcade, still very much the premiere hangout spot for the youths of America. Indeed there was no better way to kill a few hours on a Saturday afternoon than meeting your friends at the mall and seeing how far you could get in Marble Madness (not very... f**k that game!)


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At home, we were still a few years away from the Nintendo Entertainment System completely revolutionizing the industry, but kids whose parents actually loved them had an Atari 2600, and it was those kids who had the best sleepovers.

Since it's 2024, I decided to take a look back at some of the more groundbreaking and timeless games to hit arcades and/or the Atari home console 40 marvelous years ago. Some were fun, others frustrating, and the best ones struck a balance between the two.

So sit back with a 2-liter of soda, order a pizza from Pizza Hut (if you can find one) and take a stroll down memory lane as we look at some awesome classic video games turning 40 in 2024:

Timeless Classic Video Games Turning 40 in 2024

Some were fun, others frustrating, and the best ones struck a balance between the two.

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