I guess you could say this Upstate New York animal shelter is "thinking outside the box" with their latest fundraising efforts.

Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley via Facebook
Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley via Facebook

This Valentine's Day, anyone who donates $5 to the Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley can have their ex's name written in the bottom of a littler pan, inviting the shelter's feline residents to crap on them:

You could be bitter, or you could be bitter and supporting animals in need!
Do you have an ex, friend, or family member that’s done you wrong? For a $5 donation to the animal shelter, we’ll write the name of that person in our litterbox. On Valentine’s day we’ll provide the box to our community cat room cats to do their business in! We’ll be taking pictures and videos for all to see of course! 😉
The donation can be made in person, on Venmo, or PayPal. Please make a note stating the name you’d like to add!
The gimmick received a lot of attention on Facebook, with 254 reactions and 46 comments. "Brilliant idea," one person wrote. "Will you accept tiny pictures to put in?" asked another.
The shelter is joining a burgeoning trend of companies trying to cash in on heartache during Valentine's Day.
Over in Syracuse, Insomnia Cookies is offering a "breakup box" featuring a box of cookies with a breakup message. Similarly, Pizza Hut unveiled "goodbye pies" for those seeking to bid farewell with a pepperoni parting.

Those interested in making a donation to the Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley can do so at this link. 

And be sure to follow them on Facebook to see the cats' handiwork.

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