Here is a heartwarming story involving members of the Utica Police Department and two young boys.

A woman who recently lost her sister to cancer brought her young nephews with her to dispose of her sister’s medication at the Utica Police Department.

She explained to the boys, who are twins, that the meds can’t be flushed down the toilet or throw away since they are toxic and each city has a place for medication so no one gets sick from inappropriate destruction

An officer in the parking lot instructed the three where to go and the they walked inside the Utica Police Department building.

They were greeted by a man either running and errand of leaving for the day and the woman told him she needed to discard the meds and man said he would take care of it

According to a Facebook post the woman told the boys “sorry” because of COVID we can’t go in.

The man, told us to follow him and we could watch him put the meds in the box. The boys were talking out loud about how much medication she had and about the strong chemo medication. It took him three separate dumps into the bin in order to fit them all. He looked at me a few times and I could tell that he felt empathy for these kids, and I told him that she passed away from leukemia a few weeks ago. He called an officer over and told him to give us a tour. He was so kind and told the boys that they were going to have a special private tour. That made their day!!

For the next half hour, the boys met all the officers in the building...they took roll call and tried on SWAT gear and all of their stress and anxiety disappeared.

The officer giving the tour was Chris Vomer, and the woman says words cannot express how much his sincerity and patience meant to her.

The first gentleman who was at the front door and took the meds was Deputy Chief Ed Noonan.

Kudos to Office Vomer and Deputy Chief Noonan for going "above and beyond" to put  smiles on the faces of two young boys in a a difficult time in their lives.

Utica Police
Utica Police

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