Upstate New York has been well represented on Jeopardy over the years. It seems like 2022 was a banner year for contestants coming from the area.

It appears there were a total of five contestants from Upstate New York on Jeopardy in 2022:


Ellen LaBerge is the most recent Central New York native to appear on the show, playing on December 9th. LaBerge is a lawyer from Syracuse.


Back in September, Kathy Wilcox, a 1998 graduate of Adirondack High School, appeared on the show. She grew up in Boonville and called it "a bucket list experience for sure."


Brianne Barker had a 2-day run on Jeopardy in August. Barker is originally from Camden.


David Bzdak is a professor at Onondaga Community College and appeared on Jeopardy back in June.


Catherine Zhang, a 2022 graduate from Cornell University, appeared on the show back in February. She called her experience "so incredibly exciting and surreal."

Five contestants from Upstate in 2022? That's not too shabby!

But what about the times Utica, New York was mentioned directly?

I spent some time over at the Jeopardy Archive site and dug up 11 instances where Utica was mentioned by name. Keeping in mind that some of these questions are similar (and in some cases completely obsolete), below are all 11 instances in Jeopardy's history where Utica, New York was mentioned:

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