This food truck has a cult following for many of its menu items, including shaved steak sandwiches, gourmet grilled cheese, and street tacos. They also ensure ingredients used are locally sourced from nearby farms or vendors.

Brake From The Grind started with the idea of providing fresh, locally produced food at an affordable price. Without enough cash for a traditional restaurant, Steve Malecki and Chef Darryl Hogan opted for a food truck, and it's working out really well for them. Malecki tells us, "being mobile allowed us to gain maximum exposure in a short period of time. 80-85% of the product we sell comes from New York State."

Brake From The Grind
Brake From The Grind

The food truck features farm-fresh foods from Blue Sky Ranch out of Waterville, Alfisol Acres in Morrisville, and Savicki’s Farm Market based in Clinton. The bread is even local and comes from HeartStone Bakery in Earlville and Heidelberg Bakery. They also purchase from countless farmers' market vendors and feature local pastry shops.

Malecki says if he can't buy local, he will go to locally owned vendors like Casa Imports. "By doing it this way, we know where our food comes from and have been able to keep tens of thousands of dollars in the local economy. We like to say that we are more than just a food truck because we are!"

We expanded into catering very quickly, offering everything from house parties to full-blown weddings. With the ability to bring the kitchen with us, we offer unique menus in unconventional venues with the cooking done fresh onsite.

Break From The Grind will be back on the road starting in late March. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for daily locations and specials. They are currently booking their full-scale catering services and neighborhood food truck experiences that include social distancing.

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“Farm to Truck” Eating With Break From The Grind

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