Yes, they are definitely collectible. Could one that was released only 11 years ago actually sell for such a staggering price? That's for you to be the judge.

Created after the immensely popular television ads in the 1950s and 1960s, the collectible mugs were initially only meant to be promotional items. Even then though, some that are now deemed a little rarer would have a price tag attached to them. With six decades of steins being released and collected, of course, there is a market for a super rare one, which this is.

The question really is, could a stein really demand a $2,000 asking price? Certainly, you can imagine there has to be one of the hundreds of mugs that would. With most collectible items, they garner more intrigue and become much more valuable over time. Time, however, is not on this steins side as it was released just over 10 years ago.

Like most contemporary series collectibles, the Schultz and Dooley steins have, and are likely to continue to appreciate most are the series “firsts.” In that regard, the original Schultz and Dooley have already been “discovered” to some extent, with the pair now selling for as much as 25 to 30 times its original list price.  - Ben Loevi /

While the one pictured below fits most of these criteria, what Loevi also says will demand a large price are earlier first editions, ala ones from the 1950s and 1960s. However, this 50th-anniversary limited edition stein certainly has rarity going for it. But Loevi doesn't make any mention of this exact stein on his website.

Would you pay the $2,000 price tag for it?

Rare Schultz & Dooley Stein For Sale At Staggering Price

If you want to buy this, hustle because you never know when they will sell or hit the market again. Check out this link for the $2,000 50th anniversary edition.

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