Madison-Bouckville's Antique Week was one of the many events that were victim to Covid-19 in 2020- This year, it's back on not once, but twice!

It seems much of New York State is at least trying to make an attempt at getting back to some kind of normalcy, the dual events for Madison-Bouckville are just another way we can try to make 2021 a better year than 2020 was. They are using the term "Abundance of Caution" quite a bit, and that is very fair.

They are requesting everyone, as you already are, to wear masks and social distance as much a possible. That is something they are asking the vendors to do as well. Other than the masks, it should be much like the last antique week held in 2019 before miss Rona wreaked havoc on Central New York.

New York's largest antiques and collectibles show is touting over 2,000 vendors and 14 show fields according to their website. That will be for the second version in August. The June one will be a little smaller and more quaint. This is all happening on June 4th through the 6th in Bouckville, 6890 Route 20 in Bouckville to be exact. There will be food as well from some amazing local restaurants too. They are also doing the second week of it which is incredible, which will be in August as is typical for the yearly tradition. The second week will be August 16th through the 22nd.

It's sure to be something fun to do and just get out of the house. Plus, you never know what kind of cool antique or collectible you may find.

Check out more from their Facebook page here.

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