Apizza Regionale, the wood-fired pizza place co-owned by the co-founder of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is in the running for USA Today's search for the best pizza in New York.

All of us here in New York State know we have the best pizza and now we're starting to find out how right we are. from USA Today and their search for the best pizza in the state.

It's "amazing". said Apizza owner and operator Paul Messina. Messina grew up on Staten Island eating pizzas from Denino's, Joe's in Manhattan and Di  Fara's in Brooklyn. Those shops are also in the top 10, as of today along with Apizza. According to Messina "Di Fara's is the Holy Grail of pizza shops and to be a part of that list is absolutely mind-blowing."

Apizza is among 20 pizza restaurants competing to be the 10 Best, a contest run by USA Today. Thirteen of the 20 are from New York City voting for the contest is open until noon on June 26th.

Messina and John Stage founded the Dinosaur nearly 30 years ago opened Apizza in March 2016 across the street from the Dinosaur. John Stage is a financial partner and mentor who helps to consult on the menu. Messina is the one running the restaurant.


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