Good ol' analytics is at it again, this time showing us the top spot for wine enthusiasts in New York state.

New York does wine fine. Most people think of California when it comes to the best Amercan wines, but New York boasts several distinct wine regions, each with its own unique character.

The Finger Lakes is known for its cool climate, producing wines that are crisp with bright acidity and floral notes -- think Rieslings.


The Hudson Valley, on the other hand, is renowned for its innovative winemakers who aren't afraid to experiment with grape varieties.

And let's not forget about Long Island, which is making waves with its Bordeaux-style reds and Chardonnays.

So New York has a lot to choose from here. And while taste is certainly subjective, there are objective metrics for evaluating businesses, such as analytics and online reviews.

MSN recently revealed their list of the Best Winery in Every State:

Yelp helped us compile the 51—yes, of course we included DC—best wineries in the United States. To do so, the review website looked at the star rating and number of reviews for businesses listed in the "wineries" category.

So, which New York winery can boast "best" honors?


Ports of New York Winery via Facebook
Ports of New York Winery via Facebook

Ports of New York first opened in 2003 and can be found at 815 Taber Street in Ithaca. Its owner apparently comes from good winemaking stock. According to their website: 

Frédéric Bouché, owner and winemaker, comes from a long line of winemakers in France. His great great grandfather owned vineyards in the Buzet appellation of the Bordeaux region. His great grandfather started a successful winery, known as Maison Bouché, in the Calvados appellation of Normandy. Growing up, Frédéric worked with his grandfather and was trained in the family techniques that he still uses today.

Congratulations to Ports of New York on being named the best by MSN!

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