We are going to be 'Honest', this one stings for Upstate New York. Coca-Cola has announced they won't be producing a popular beverage anymore.

Coca-Cola has announced that they will begin to phase out Honest Tea nationwide. This move will happen before the end of 2022. So drink up now while you still can.

Honest Tea was founded in 1998 and acquired by the Coca-Cola Company in 2011. Coca-Cola cited decreasing sales, as well as supply challenges for glass bottles, as reasons for its decision to discontinue Honest Tea. No word why they couldn't just move the tea to plastic bottles, like their other teas.

“We are phasing out the HONEST teas product line, but are not selling the HONEST brand. Shifting from a three-brand tea portfolio to a prioritized two-brand tea lineup will free up investment resources and supply chain capacity to better meet consumer needs and capture share in the category,” said Sabrina Tandon, the group director of ready-to-drink teas for Coca-Cola North America, stated in a press release.

Despite dropping Honest Tea from its lineup, Coca-Cola will continue to produce its Honest Kids line of beverages. This includes many juice boxes. The company will also retain ownership of the Honest Tea brand, despite phasing out its products. Coca-Cola will continue to invest in Gold Peak and Peace Tea lines of drinks.

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