You know it's happened to you. You get to a party, a tailgate, camping, etc and bring bottles of the beverage of your choosing and find out that no one brought a bottle opener! It's okay, never fear, I can help!

Let's say you drive to Sylvan Beach, get comfortable and realize you left the bottle opener (of whichever beverage you choose) at home. Did you realize that there are a ton of ways to open bottles with things you probably have around you right now? Check out this list I saw on LadBible.

  1. A spoon- Yes, a spoon. This is probably best if you're camping and brought utensils with you. All you have to do is put the edge of the spoon underneath the cap and then, take your finger and put it between the cap and the spoon. Push downward on the spoon and you just created a makeshift bottle opener!
  2. A piece of paper- I know, this seems crazy but hear me out. Use this paper to create the same kind of leverage that you had with the spoon but folding it over and over again. Wedge the paper under the cap, and push up. BEER!
  3. Heels - If you're at a place where you're wearing heels, you already have a bottle opener with you! Make sure it's not one you're worried about scuffing up at all, though. Point the toe to the sky, put the heel under the bottle cap, and push up.
  4. More beer - Did you bring more than one beer with you? Then, you shouldn't have to worry. Put the beer you want to drink upright on a surface, take the other beer upside down, pull upward and more beer for you!
  5. iPhone - Chances are this is your last resort and you have an upgrade coming up. It should be strong enough to pry open the top but maybe you could get yourself a bottle opener phone case and be able to open your beer where ever your phone is.

Do you have any other makeshift ways you've opened a beer? I tried the kitchen table once but made a dent in it so I recommend trying these ideas before that!


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