Here in Central New York we are very lucky we have a brewery in Utica that not only serves great beer, we have amazing soda's to choose from. Have you ever ranked your favorite Saranac drinks?

History Of Saranac's Soft Drinks

The F.X. Matt Brewing Company, home of the Saranac soda's, is a family-owned brewery in Utica, New York. It is the fourth oldest family-owned brewery in the United States. They have been brewing beer for the world since 1888.

During Prohibition, the company stayed afloat by producing soft drinks under the label Utica Club, and also made Ginger Ale and non-alcoholic malt tonics."

Those soft drinks became so popular, they are sold even to this day.

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What Type Of Sodas And Soft Drinks Do They Offer?

Currently on the Saranac website, you will find their popular brands including: Shirley Temple, Sparkling Lemonade, Black Cherry Cream, Ginger Beer (and diet Ginger Beer), Orange Cream, and their world famous Root Beer.


Has Anyone Ever Ranked The Drinks Before?

Of course you'll find all sorts of reviews for Utica Club, and Saranac Beer online. We did find one article online titled "We Try Every Saranac Soda" from 2012. They broke down the drinks from recommended, try it, and skip it. We aren't going to tell you to skip any of the beverages. This list is strictly to rank the drinks.


How Are We Ranking The Drinks?

Honestly, it's all based on this authors taste buds. You can agree, disagree, whatever. Comment and argue, it's a free country. You are more than welcome to rank the drinks in anyway you prefer. This list is strictly based off of my own tastes. I recommend buying all of these beverages, and I'm not placing any hate. I am ranking them below in reverse order though. You'll find the drink I'm least likely to choose first, then the beverage I will always go to as the last item.


Saranac Sodas and Soft Drinks Ranked


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