Starting next month UPS is going  hit customers with an extra $150 charge to ship a package that is over-sized or on pallets and this goes for mislabeled dimensions as well. The extra charges are aimed at discouraging retailers from shipping heavier products that can bog down parcel sorting facilities.

"They are making it clear to customers that we don't want this oversized volume, and if you are going to ship with us we are going to charge you an arm and a leg," said John HaberCEO of Spend Management Experts, a supply chain consultancy.

The rise of e-commerce has forced UPS and FedEx to grapple with increased volumes of massive goods like sofas and televisions that consumers are increasingly buying online. UPS is working on a strategy to partner with at least one U.S. trucking firm to handle in-home delivery of heavy and bulky products.


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