Wow, tell us how you really feel.

Some of us have been holding in some unexpected viewpoints about the things our region is known for.

A curious discussion recently took place over on the Reddit Syracuse page. There were a TON of responses, with many of them extending beyond the scope of just Syracuse... from Utica/Rome all the way to Rochester and Albany.

Before we get to the ones I found particularly interesting, I'd say that a majority of the comments could be summed up into one of two categories:

positive negative - 1

1.) Most Negativity Comes from Locals

It's no secret that many Central New Yorkers harbor a quiet, or maybe-not-so-quiet resentment toward their area. But people who've moved to the area from somewhere else, whether it be for a job or otherwise, really heap praise on it. Low cost of living, along with a great food scene earned plenty of favorable remarks from transplants.

2.) Some Restaurants are Riding on their Reputation

I won't name names here -- you can browse the entire thread here -- but there were several "popular" restaurants in our region that just don't click with some. "So-and-So Restaurant is Overrated" and "Such-and-Such Restaurant Sucks" were sentiments echoed more than once.

Overall, I'd say the positive comments outweighed the negative ones... not by a lot, mind you... but I'd say it was something like 60-40 positive. Hey, that's still a majority!

Keep scrolling through the gallery below for 7 of the most surprising unpopular opinions about Central New York:

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Some of us have been holding in some unexpected viewpoints about the things our region is known for.

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