Wow, guys. If these numbers are true, it means a whoooollllle lot of New Yorkers are walking around unhappy.

A new study has shown that the ideal income a person needs to feel "satisfied" in New York state is shockingly high. In fact, we need more money than any other state in America just to tolerate it here.

Financial website MONEYzine decided to tackle an old theory that says personal happiness tapers off at the $75,000 income level. Here's what they did:


[We] asked 1,200 Americans not only about their income, but also about how satisfied they are with what they earn and how much more they needed to earn for the work they did to hit that income-happiness sweet spot.

Well, guess what? Gas and groceries aren't the only things that got more expensive post-COVID. So did our happiness. Almost every American said they require an annual salary of $100,000 to achieve happiness. And when broken down by state, only 10 states had people say they'd be happy with a salary less than $100,000.


According to the report, New Yorkers need a staggering $288,543 a year to be happy. That's higher than every other state! Hawaii was the only other state to say $200,000 was needed.

Cost of living might play a part in this, but it's not a direct correlation. For example, California and Massachusetts, two states where the cost of living is higher than New York, only needed $127,968 and $139,167, respectively.

So, what's your theory: why the heck does it cost so much to feel satisfied in our home state?!

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