Taking up a martial art can be an empowering and fun way to improve your physical well being. Whether it's karate, tae kwon do, MMA (cagefighting), jiu jitsu or judo, people take up martial arts at every age and skill level.

There are several reasons somebody might want to learn a martial art. Chiefly among them:


It's no secret that people who practice martial arts enjoy an increased sense of confidence. Seeing yourself improve and succeed at something with encouragement from those around you can really have a positive impact on your mental health.


Martial arts is a great workout because it uses every muscle in your body, increases flexibility and fosters a strong mind-body connection. It's also nearly impossible to get bored doing it because no class can be exactly the same.


God forbid you should encounter any, but practicing a martial art means you'll be better equipped to deal with unsavory characters.

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If you join a martial arts dojo, you're going to be hanging out with a lot of the same people on a weekly basis. You'll bond with your fellow classmates as you all strive to get better at the practice.

You always hear from jaded people about how hard it is to "make friends as adults." This is one surefire way to do it.

Now that we've given you four reasons to get off your butt and try it, check out our gallery below of 15 martial arts studios to consider around the Mohawk Valley:

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