The Tramontane Café, the eclectic coffee spot on Lincoln Ave in Utica that was once a favorite hangout for local musicians and artists, has finally reopened after a long hibernation.

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Owners Robin Raabe and Garrett Ingraham originally opened the Tramontane Café in 2008. Its diversified clientele included businessmen and beatniks alike, and quickly gained a cult following for its kooky décor and homemade foods, including soups, sandwiches and baked goods.

For years, the Tramontane Cafe's weekly open mic was arguably the best in Utica. Artists of every ilk -- be it music, poetry, comedy, and even puppetry -- came to know Sunday evenings at the Tram as the place to be to work out new material. Their open mics often drew large, appreciative and attentive crowds that would rival most live music gatherings.

The Tram experienced a few financial hiccups that forced them to close their doors in 2018, but re-opening "at some point" had always been on the table. But then the pandemic happened, leaving its fate in limbo. For many months there had been murmurings of reopening, but an overabundance of teases led to a "I'll believe it when I see it" mentality amongst its fanbase-- but now, seeing is believing, because The Tramontane is finally back!

For now, the Tram is only open for lunch from 10am to 4pm. As they get back into the swing of things, they expect to bring back live music and the popular open mic in the fall.

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