Whether you have a lot of gift cards to use, or you are a thrifty shopper, what are the top things and items to buy after Christmas?

Between Thanksgiving and Christimas, holiday shopping can be frenzied, stressful, and overpriced. Investopedia reports that if you wait until after Christmas, expect several excellent sales and deals. Here's some of the top things to focus on buying:

1) Winter Clothing

Think about it, winter has just officially arrived. A lot of simple things are marked up as holiday gifts:

January and July are the two times of year when retailers turn over their merchandise for the new season. That makes January a great time to buy next year's winter gear for you and your kids.”


2) Toys and Small Gifts

When Christmas is over, retailers are left with a ton of cosmetic sets, toys, spa gift baskets and much more. These items are quickly moved to clearance.


3) Decorations

Decorations, ornaments, candy and other Christmas gear is priced up from September - Christmas. If you want to plan ahead for the next year, buy a lot of this after the big day:

“Christmas trees, lights, decor, wrapping paper and more will all be 50 to 75% off within a few weeks after Christmas. Buying ahead for next year will save you a bundle.”


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