Have you ever heard of Dry January? People stop drinking alcohol for the month after an indulgent holiday season. Heineken wants to help make Dry January a little easier.

For the month of January, Heineken will be selling a special 31-pack of beer giving you one beer for each day of the month, similar to an advent calendar. Delish reports that each bottle has only 69 calories and, a 0.0 percent ABV.

Even better, Heineken is offering these 31-packs for free for a limited time on their website. Starting on December 27 at 10 a.m. eastern time, January Dry Packs will be available free of charge. You just have to check back on januarydrypack.com to place your free order.

Keep in mind that the free promotion is only for the 31-packs. You'll still be able to order the non-alcoholic six packs online and also at select retailers, where prices will vary.

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