Tell me if you've ever been here:

You decide you're going to eat healthy for the week, so you go to the grocery store and shell out a bunch of money on fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean meats. But the second hunger strikes, you think to yourself: I don't want any of this sh**!!


I think that happens to the best of us, right? So when a snack attack does hit, what are New Yorkers most likely to grab?

Once upon a time, uncovering data like that would be difficult without personally asking people. But since practically every waking thought is now typed into Google, we can access those preferences, and even break those preferences down by state.

The website HubScore has unveiled a "snack map" based on what snacks each of the 50 states is Googling most. On a whole, we might as well be called the United States of Rice Krispy Treats, because that was the clear favorite in 18 states coast to coast.

...but not in New York. Rice Krispy Treats didn't even break our Top 5. Let's take a look at what did make our Top 5:

#5 - Pringles

Here in New York, we love our chips stacked neatly in a tube. Pringles are great, but they're a little hard to sneak into a movie theater.

#4 - Goldfish

You can count me amongst the Goldfish enthusiasts here in New York state. Each time I try to set a personal record for the number I can fit into my palm, and subsequently, my mouth. And once Goldfish became Flavor Blasted? That was a game changer.

#3 - Starburst

The juice is loose in New York state! Just don't give me any yellow ones. In fact, I'll trade you eight million yellow Starbursts for one red one.

#2 - Cheerios

Did you think Cheerios was just for breakfast? Shame on you! Much like Goldfish, they're a great dump-into-your-hand snack, and thanks to some of the newer varieties that've popped up over the years, they're not hard to enjoy sans milk.

#1 - Lays

Here in New York, we love our Lay's! Despite being potato chip royalty, only neighboring Connecticut enjoyed them the most, making us the only two states to enjoy those snacks.


Curious what other states are snacking on? Keep scrolling below:

The Top 5 Favorite Snacks in Every State in America

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