In 2020, it was reported that McDonald's has about 14,000 stores across the country. Did you know one of those locations is deemed "The McMansion" and that it's in New York?

The Denton House is a historic building in New Hyde Park, New York, within the Town of North Hempstead. Built in 1795 as a farmhouse, it was converted in the 1860s to a Georgian-style mansion. Now, it's one of America's most beautiful McDonald's locations.

The property was actually purchased by McDonald's in 1985 with the intention of tearing it down to build new, according to the New York Post. 

“When we took over this building, it was a disaster, a real eyesore,” said McDonald’s New York regional vice president at the time. “There were pigeons all over. We had to gut the building, take it down to the rafters.”

Locals weren't fond of the fact that work was being done on the building. So much so, they campaigned to keep it a local landmark. It was one of the only historic buildings remaining in the community.

McDonald's did their part as a corporation to preserve the building - and enacted a multi-million dollar campaign to do so, as long as they had permission to build a drive-thru.

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They got the permissions they needed and The Denton House McDonald's opened their doors in 1991. The New York Post reports it's the only location of the franchise that is in a fully restored, local landmark.

Check out what it looks like for yourself!

New York is Home to The Most Beautiful McDonalds Location in America

The Denton House McDonald's location is at 2045 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park, New York. Here's a look inside. [Photo credit: Lejaceman via Trip Advisor]

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